7 Advanced SEO Technique To Drive Organic Traffic In 2021

Advanced SEO Technique
Advanced SEO Technique

Every digital marketer should keep him updated about advanced SEO technique, that is crucial, and you should understand SEO to increase traffic as well as brand awareness. 80% of website traffic starts with a search query. We hope now you can understand why search engine optimization techniques are so important. 

Staying on top of SEO is not an easy thing to do. It demands lots of research and experiments. Google updates its algorithm regularly. So it is essential to know the updated news. With this, you also need to know advanced SEO techniques. Updated information and search engine optimization technique will double your search traffic

Advanced SEO techniques to increase your search traffic 

  1. Run a complete SEO scan on your website
  2. Make the contents easy to read
  3. Use the inverted pyramid style of writing 
  4. Know the demand of your users 
  5. Improve the user experience
  6. Make your website mobile-friendly 
  7. Increase website speed 

Run a complete SEO scan on your website 

To increase visitors and sales, you have to discover why you are not getting to double your search traffic. You can hire an SEO company to do the job for you or do that yourself to save some money. That will also help you understand the business and take action. 

Let’s walk you through the process and inform you how to run an SEO audit on your website. Many of these steps seem to be pretty basic SEO tactics but we can assure you that many websites miss those steps. 

Check-1: Check if all of the pages have SEO optimized title and meta description. 

Check-2: Check whether all the pages get optimized for keywords or not.

Check-3: Check the Url structure of every page. URLs should be simple, short, and easy for the search engine to understand the page’s topic. Here is an example for better understanding. Let’s say the name of your page is “best android games.” If the URL structure looks like this 


Does that make good sense about the article? Isn’t it a little bit confusing? Search engines will also get confused coming on this page. If you want to remove the confusion, the structure should look like this: 

>>https://yourdomain.com/ best-android-games 

Search engines determine the topic of the post by scanning the URL. If the URL is confusing and keywords become separated with unnecessary information like date, archive, search engines get confused. It would help if you made those URLs as simple as possible. Remember, for URLs the simpler, the better. 

Steps to create SEO optimized URL 

  1. Put target keywords in the URL. 
  2. Add mobile-friendly URLs to the sitemap to get a higher rank in mobile search.
  3. Use canonical URLs to avoid duplicate content penalties. 
  4. Block robot.txt to index dynamic URLs that point to your canonical URLs. 
  5. URLs are case sensitive. So, do not use an uppercase letter in the URL. That will confuse the search engine. 
  6. Use hyphens in the URL. For example, “my-blog” (recommended), not “my blog.” 
  7. Create human-readable URLs. If a human can’t read the URL, search engines also can’t.

Check-4: Check the formatting of each blog post.

Proper formatting means: 

  • You have used H1 and H2 tags properly 
  • Use fewer sentences per paragraph
  • Bold or italicize important points 
  • Use the call to action button 

Check-5: Use keywords in the ALT tag of images 

Check-6: Use inbound and outbound links. Here is an article on link building to learn the benefits of link building.  

Make the contents easy to read. 

We have discussed the importance of formatting the posts in the previous section. But formatting won’t help if the post is not readable for the users. If you want to bring more users and minimize the bounce rate, the readability should be excellent. Here are some tips to increase the readability: 

  • Write great content: If the content is not acceptable, you are wasting your time thinking of the other factors. It is the content idea that brings the visitor to your website. Your contents should be grammatical and spelling error-free. 
  • Make the paragraph short: 43% of people skim through the blog post. If there is any big paragraph most users will ignore that paragraph. So, make the paragraph as short as possible. If you write a single-line paragraph that is okay but does make a paragraph more than 5 to 6 sentences, 3-4 sentences are better. 
  • Mix the sentence length: The basic rule to write a blog is to write shorter sentences. But that is not entirely true. Mix long and short sentences. Same-length sentences will make the writing boring for the readers. 
  • Use sub-headers: Remember people read online to get specific information. They tend to spend very little time on each blog. To increase the reading time by separating your content into sub-headings so the readers can scan the article. 
  • Use bullet points: List your stats, facts, ideas, examples in the paragraph. It’s better to use bullet points if you have more than 3 to 4 points. 
  • Use White space: Too much content can distract the users. Use photos, graphs, videos to break up large chunks of data. Use white space in between paragraphs also. 
  • Use images and screenshots: Every article should have one or more pictures or screenshots to illustrate the point you are discussing. The more complex the topic, the more images you should use for better understanding.  

Use the inverted pyramid style of writing: 

Have you heard of it? You did if you are a student of journalism. Otherwise, you might not. The inverted pyramid style is to write content following the bellow style: 

  • First, write the most newsworthy facts. 
  • Then write the main story 
  • Then provide the supporting element 

Using this method means giving the most valuable information at the top of the writings. Then provide detailed information on the topic. At last, provide the supporting documents for the issue. People usually skim through the article. So, deliver them the information they seek. If they find the info straightway, there is a high chance that they will read the rest of the article. This way, you can prolong the time they spend on your website. 

Use this advanced SEO technique to double your traffic. 

Know the demand of your users

Don’t think of just advertising your content. Advertising won’t work if you do not have accurate data. Do you think google is an advertising company? NO. Google is a big data company that collects data to make their search engine better. 

You also think of yourself as a big data company.

Focus on what your target customers want. If you know what they want, you will be able to write the contents they are seeking. So, how do you get the relevant data? 

Well, the first thing you can ask the customers. But if you are starting the business and have any customers, there are social platforms to find out the interest. 

Ways you can use: 

  • Use social media platforms. Quora is an excellent way to begin. 
  • Find out your top pages in Google rank. 
  • Find out which posts are getting more shares. 
  • Read the comments on your blog. 

Let’s dig a little more into each point. 

Using Quora: If you do not know anything about quora, see that it is a social media platform where people ask any questions and answer those questions. It’s a great place to bring traffic to your website also. But put aside this thought for now. You can use this platform to get the content idea. Here how you can do that:  

  • The first step is signing up for quora
  • After signing in, write the topic, you want to write on in the search area. Let’s say you will write on “homemade baby food”. Write “homemade baby food” in the search bar and hit enter. Read the questions that people asked. If you can answer any of those questions, then you got your topic.  
  • Learn by reading the answer. You will get many more content ideas if you read the answers. 

Finding out top pages in google rank: You can not create new content if you do not know which contents are liked by the users. Here is what you should do: 

  • To learn detailed statistics of all of your pages, first, log in to Google analytics.
  • Look for the most popular page and posts on your website. 
  • Look for the ‘average time spent on each content. If the average is less than a minute then people are not reading that article. They are just skimming through that post. 
  • Check the bounce rate. Do not worry about too much. The bounce rate does not tell about the success or failure of that post. But try to lessen the quality of convincing people to click on other pages or posts. 
  • Check the exit rate. Exit rate determines the percentage of people who left the website from that page. Many people get confused with the “bounce rate” and “exit rate” Bounce rate tells the percentage of people who left your website after a single session and the exit rate after all sessions.   
  • Social media sharing is vital. Monitor the share count of your content using tools. Share count is a great platform to know the shares of each post. 

Improve the user experience 

More often, the bounce rate occurs for poor UX design and usability. Google Analytics does not provide this information but some other tools can help you out. Let’s look into the list and the information they provide: 

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is intelligent and intuitive. They help subscribers rate and understand user experience. They provide this information with fatty visual aids like heat maps, scroll maps, and confetti maps. Each of these is a graphic representation of one aspect of UX. You will get the following information with a graphical view from the Crazy Egg: 

  • Heat map: Colorful drawings of where users have clicked on your site.
  • Scroll map: This Shows how far down the page your users scroll before leaving.
  • Confetti map: This shows you which referral sources resulted in the most clicks 

Improved user experience can double your traffic also. 


They are the world’s leading experimentation platform, specializing in A/B testing — a scientific, data-driven way to test websites for maximum usability and engagement. The most significant advantage of A/B testing is that it helps you understand that a tiny change can sometimes make a big difference. Such as: 

  • Just move the “Buy now” button from left to right. 
  • Changing the button color 
  • Change the button text such as ‘Download now’ to ‘Get the free e-book now.’

Make your website mobile-friendly 

In 2016 google updated its algorithm that significantly boosts organic search result rankings to mobile-friendly websites; Or in other words, responsive. Over 60% of search occurs on mobile devices, and 45% of all e-commerce sales in the United States completes using mobile devices. 

Utilize this free tool from Google to check whether your website is mobile-friendly or not. 

Hopefully, if you are using a WordPress website, your website is mobile optimized as all WordPress themes are mobile responsive. If you are not sure enough how to build a mobile-optimized website, you can hire this company to make the perfect website for you at a low cost.  

Increase website speed 

Google hates slow loading websites. Hence site speed can now make or break your site’s performance in Google’s search results. 

Google has several tools to improve site speed. 

Page insight: This tool is for developers to increase the site speed 

Think with Google: Tests the responsiveness of your website, which includes speed as a parameter 

So, Google wants a website that loads in under one second, but how to speed up your site? Here are the tips: 

  • Minify unnecessary codes.
  • Reduce server response time. 
  • Choose the right hosting solution. 
  • Enable browser caching. 
  • Enable compression. 
  • Compress images. 

In many cases hosting providers are the reason for slow websites. Choose the hosting provider wisely. Do some research before purchasing the hosting. You can try WebTech. They provide top-class hosting at a low price.  

A well-developed website and advanced SEO technique can double your visitors. 


A blog is a vital marketing tool. 84% of people purchase products by reading a blog post on that. The blog has that personal touch that no other medium can offer. Therefore SEO optimized blog posts can increase your sales dramatically. Use advanced search optimization techniques to boost traffic and sales. 

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