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Professional Content Writing Services

The content you create can have a huge impact on your company’s SEO. But many small businesses don’t have time to create their own content and instead, hire somebody else to do it for them.  If you’re considering taking the plunge into professional content writing, this blog post will walk you through the four types of people who take service from these companies. You’ll learn what each type is looking for in content which can help you decide which type of professional writer would be best for your business or website.

What is a content writer?

A content writer is someone who writes and creates various kinds of content for businesses. For example, they might write blog posts, press releases, landing pages, or copy for newsletters and social media campaigns. Most people don’t have the time or expertise to create their own content. So businesses hire writers who can provide high-quality content in a short amount of time and with minimal cost.

How to learn what type of content person you want to hire

The first step to hiring a professional content writer is to learn what type of person you want to hire. There are four types of people who take professional content writing services: 1) The Blogger 2) The Content Writer 3) The Copywriter 4) The Creative Writer.

Business owners vs. bloggers

  1. content managers vs. customer service representatives

Business owners are focused on giving their audience information about their company and its products. They want to make sure that the content they publish is valuable to them and their audience. Bloggers are focused on creating content that’s entertaining, appealing, and shareable with their audience.  Content managers are skilled at working with different types of clients, while customer service representatives focus on understanding what people want through research or surveys.

The four types of people who take professional writing services can be separated into two groups: business-focused individuals and entertainment-focused individuals. Business-focused individuals look for quality content that will help them establish credibility in the digital marketing world. They have a specific goal in mind and need to be able to find opportunities for their content to be seen by other potential customers of theirs. Entertainment-focused individuals are looking for creative writing opportunities that allow them to express themselves creatively without having a particular goal in mind other than making an entertaining piece of work for others to enjoy reading it.

For example, these writers might post humorous articles or Get Pro Writer blog posts that aren’t necessarily company-related but would still keep their audience entertained so they don’t lose interest over time as many blogs do with poor content.

Bloggers vs. PR Writers

There are two different types of people who take professional content writing services: bloggers and public relations writers. Bloggers create content that focuses on teaching or providing information about a particular topic, whereas PR writers tend to focus primarily on newsworthy events.


The goal with content writing is to publish relevant and engaging content that is helpful to your audience. To do this, you need someone who:

  1. Understands your audience
  2. Has a skill set that can connect with your audience
  3. Knows how to write in a way that adds value to your audience

A content writer is someone who creates content that is engaging and valuable to your audience. There are three types of content writers: business owners, bloggers, and PR writers. Business owners are looking for content that will help their business succeed; bloggers are looking for content that will help grow their blog, and PR writers are looking for content that will help them get in touch with the public.

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