Runner Rugs Buying Guide | All You Need To Know

Runner Rugs

Are you getting your interior designed? You might have taken care of everything from the best quality furniture to aesthetic wallpapers, but there is one thing you might have missed. Most people make the mistake of leaving narrow empty spaces in hallways and rooms. The problem with these patches is that due to lack of space, you can neither add any decoration pieces, nor you can put them into any use. Leaving these spaces empty is never an option as it isn’t a delightful sight. You must make these spaces somewhat aesthetically pleasing, but the question is, how? This is where runner rugs can help you.

What Are Runner Rugs?

Runner rugs are often used to give an elongation illusion. They are trendy and the go-to choice for interior designers to fill up narrow empty spaces and make them appear more expansive than they are. The shape of these rugs is rectangular and long, which makes them ideal to fit in narrow spaces such as hallways. They can also add an element of cushioning, which helps bring about a sense of luxury and warmth to your otherwise cold transitional spaces, along with covering them up.

What Material Are Runner Rugs Made Of?

Runner rugs are available in a variety of materials like silk, wool, fiber, etc. The most popular types are non-skid runners that are made out of a peculiar backing to control sliding. This feature prevents slipping and is an excellent option even under regular use.

What Styles Are Available?

When it comes to interior designing, style matters the most. This is the best thing about runner rugs that when you’re choosing a hallway runner rug, the options and styles are endless. You will get a wide range of styles to choose from, and this will enable you to suitably complement the interior of your house. If you have old-fashioned spaces, you could choose a traditional style runner rug in a darker shade, or if you’re choosing a rug for giving a modern touch to lesser-visited areas like a dark hallway, you can go for a light and bright design to lighten them up. Also, these rugs are ideal for areas with traffic as they help conceal dirt and save you from the troubles of switching up the rugs now and then.

Reasons Why You Must Get Runner Rugs:

Considering all that is mentioned above, it is clear that runner rugs are essential for every home. There are multiple reasons for this, some of which are discussed below:

  • They look Aesthetic

No one can deny the fact that we all live for aesthetics. Each of us has an urge to make our living spaces pretty and decorated. For this reason, we keep aesthetic appeal as a top priority while selecting house decor items. Narrow spaces can often become a hurdle while decorating your home, making the area look unpleasant. Runner rugs are an excellent solution for enhancing the decor and adding a spark to narrow hallways. They can make your living space look aesthetic and elegant. In addition to this, the possibilities you get are endless. You can either go for a flat weave rug, a colorful felt ball rug, or a modern oriental rug;

  • They Can Prevent Damage

Some areas in houses such as hallways or staircases often have high traffic and are much exposed to damage from wear and tear, especially if the flooring is wooden. Having a runner rug in such areas will remarkably decrease the chances of damage by acting as a shield and also help you manage the dirt. A good quality durable rug can preserve the space, and in this way, your expensive wooden flooring can have a much longer life.

  • They Bring Comfort And Warmth:

Walking on a bare floor can be uncomfortable. Especially in winters when the floor gets cold, making it much difficult to stand and walk on it. This is where runner rugs can help by adding an element of cushioning to your floor and bringing about a sense of luxury and warmth to your otherwise cold transitional spaces.

To Wrap Up:

Considering all these perks, runner rugs are an excellent household decor item. So, get a runner rug of your choice from the amazing runner rug collection by Rugs Online and enhance the interior appeal of your home without any delay!

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